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Welcome to The Mighty Queertet

Jun 2008

Welcome to The Mighty Queertet. This site has gone through several revolutions in the past, it grew, shrunk, vanished, and is now finally all in place.

We have a fan fiction archive, a forum, screen caps from all of the movies, fan fiction prompts, the details of our previous awards, and so forth.

This site won’t often be updated, there are some fics that are still in progress, Tales From The Breadbox, which is the sequel to Tales From The Shoebox, will be posted shortly, Queertet Revisited is moving forwards, although both are moving very slowly, because I have a job that tends to take up a lot of time.

However, it’s not just my stuff on here, so have a mosey around, and see if anything catches your eye. As a starting point, you can’t really go wrong with either Carla (my co-writer), or lycanthrope.

8 June 2008

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Adam Banks

Oct 2012

That awkward moment when you spend 20 years mocking Adam fans and then…

Vincent A Larusso

Adam got hot?

Image from Huffington Post, who in turn got it from’s 20 Years Later – Where Are They Now? on the Ducks.

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Update: New Vid

Jul 2007

I’ve updated a fanvid I made a few years ago, November Rain. As always, feedback is craved, since there have been over 300 downloads and not a single person has given me any form of feedback. Those are not good odds! All the same, I’m proud of the vid, and it was fun for me to do. So, enjoy!

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New Layout

Jun 2007

Well, I’ve updated the Queertet layout, in nice simple blues. Not only is this new layout more friendly to browsers with settings larger than 1024×768, but it’s also neater and cleaner.

Additionally, I’ve fixed a load of broken links and uploaded almost 900 caps from D2. I’ve updated the archive and installed a forum. I hope that this goes down well. I miss this site being a cool place, instead of a broken one.

If you run into any problems or crash into a broken link, just let my know by emailing me or posting a comment here.

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Comments Working Now

Nov 2006

The comments feature on the blog now works, and still has spam protection. I’m a very happy bunny. In theory most links should work now. If they don’t, leave a comment.

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No comments!

Nov 2006

Currently the comments option appears to be down. While trying to make it spam-proof, I seem to have made it comment-proof as well. Unfortunately,, the website that holds every single answer to life’s questions, is down, and I can’t get help with it. Then again, nobody’s really commenting. I’d rather be spam-proof for the time being. After all, if anyone needs me, they can email.

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Slowly getting there!

Oct 2006

Well, I know I haven’t actually uploaded all of this yet, but we’re getting somewhere… finally!

Things are being moved over to this blog, and also, when I can fact it, I’m moving the fic from the automated archive at to the new archive.

You may wonder why I’m doing this. Well, even if you don’t care, I’m going to tell you. I’m absolutely in love with DreamHost, and I really don’t see the need to pay for loads of domains hosted with various different companies now that I’ve found one that will let me have many domains, all hosted on one package. So, slowly I’m moving the domains that I already own over to DreamHost. They really are brilliant hosts, I can’t say enough good things about them.

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Vid Commentary: November Rain

Oct 2006

Commentary on “November Rain

Well, I did one commentary, and enjoyed it so much (ego-masturbation really puts a smile on your face) that I thought I’d try to explain November Rain. Also, given that the vid is nearly a year old, I’m also probably going to say what I should have done to make it more successful. This is because at some point, I will probably remaster the vid in higher quality clips, and tweak a few things that bothered me.

November Rain is probably an idea that backfired on me. Axl Rose decides to turn Del James’ short story Without You into a music video and spends the next ten years explaining himself. Sarah, thestalkycop, decides to do exactly the same and wonders why she has to explain herself. What’s the definition of insanity, again? Something about endlessly repeating the same task, but hoping for different results?

Continue reading »

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Oct 2006

So, I lost a huge amount of work when my drive died. The most recent back-up of my site that I can find is from December 2004. This is most distressing. The reason the site is not online fully is because we moved from Lycos (Worst Webhosts In The World Ever) to DreamHost (Best Webhosts In The World Ever!) and I had planned a huge overhaul on the site, so only uploaded the main pages.

So now what I’m trying to do is work with the 2004 content, and the vaguest hints of databases that I have. I regularly backup my databases, as CodeGrrl tells me to, however, I saved to the D drive, which is the drive that died. I still have the C drive, which is a pitiful 40GB drive, and now I’m trying to work on that.

I’m trying desperately to get organised, so please bear with me.

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Writing Rants

Oct 2005

I’m so sick of going to and seeing truckloads of Mary Sue fics… and worse, seeing them praised to the rafters.

I’m making a big list of all the overused plot lines in order of irritation:

  • New girl at Eden Hall
  • New girl at Eden Hall who fancies Adam
  • New girl at Eden Hall who is an enforcer and “tames” Fulton or Portman by treating them like shit
  • New girl at Eden Hall who treats everyone like shit and is best buddies with all Ducks
  • (and to be fair, Charlie/Adam angst should be on here, I’m bloody sick of that ship and regret posting the first fic of it)

Now a list of things that generally happen in the above mentioned stories and never cease to piss me off:

  • Averman disappears, only to seldom show up to swoon over the new girl (god forbid they give him the funny lines, despite the fact that he is funny)
  • Luis becomes a slut who treats women badly or slides back into the Caveman era
  • Goldberg only thinks about food – in the pigging out sense
  • Fulton and Portman get out done in the toughness (both on and off the ice) scale by the new girl
  • Everyone fancies the new girl
  • Dwayne, Russ, Ken, Goldberg and Averman (aka the non-fangirled Ducks) vanish
  • Connie and Julie befriend the new girl
  • Connie and Julie hate the new girl because she’s prettier/tougher/a better player etc. than them
  • Coach Orion swoons over the new girl’s playing abilities (he’s not the swoony type)
  • The new girl angsts and faffs around getting a load of attention.

Why the hell don’t writers just think before writing? It’s so damned repetitive.

And why do there have to be Angsty Sues? There are two girls on the team already, why don’t they write from their point of view occasionally?

Julie is single, this gives writers the perfect opportunity to act out their fangirl fantasies about their favourite Duck. All we really know about Julie is that she’s an A-student, there’s plenty of room for expanding her character ? though I will happily shoot the first person who gives Julie a gothic makeover and turns her into Gothic-Slut-Julie-Sue.

Connie is ambiguously single, people fight about whether she and Guy broke up. If you want angst n’ romance, she’s the perfect candidate. She’s got years of backstory with Guy that has never been covered and if her relationship is over she’d be upset, if not maybe she’s worried that it’s all going wrong. Who knows. The point is, that if a girl is needed, a writer doesn’t have to put an original character in. And if any of the Ducks was to go off the rails, in my opinion, it would be Connie. She’s a bit bolshy in the films and a lot flirty in the books. If you want angst and bad stuff, this is the girl to go for.

Yes, I know I’m being very hypocritical, given that I have Terri, Annie and Aisha running around the fandom – not to mention the horrible Celine from This Too. Terri was my first foray into the fandom, and I hate how much attention I gave her in the past, it makes me shudder. Annie was created to be a non-romantic, non-threatening outsider for Luis to talk to in Misconception, Aisha was necessary in Shoebox because Connie and Julie would not have fitted Aisha and Annie’s roles ? I always had a plan when I wrote that story. And I really don’t think Celine counts, since she was only a flashback character. I’ve decided that Abi from More Than Meets The Eye doesn’t count because I hate that fic and wish I’d never started it. Also, I hate Abi. Ah, whatever, shoot me. I Sue up the fandom from time to time.

However, that doesn’t make it right.

Bleh, I’m offering up my Characters to ducksues and seeing what happens.

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    Welcome to The Mighty Queertet, a fansite for the Mighty Ducks, with a heavy slant on slash fic (though het and gen is more than welcome - I ship Charlie/Linda harder than I ship Charlie/Adam, but not quite as much as I ship Charlie/Fulton, just for context!)

    The site was established on 21st April 2002, so we're pretty old now, and not so much down with the kids, the archive doesn't update much, mostly this is now a nostalgia site, but if you want to add your fic or say something, please do so.