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I forgot my password! What do I do now?

To recover a lost password, click here and enter the e-mail address with which you registered. Your password will be sent to you shortly.

What kinds of stories are allowed?

See our Submission Rules.

How do I contact the site administrators?

You can e-mail us via our contact form.

How do I submit stories?

If you have not already done so, please register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story.

What are the ratings used on the site?

We use the ratings system from MPAA.

What are the story classifications?

Stories are classified by categories, genres, and warnings.

The Queertet.net Archive FAQ

Q: My work is archived, but I don’t remember signing up at the archive, what’s going on?
A: You gave me permission to archive your work, so I created an admin-backed user with your LJ username to archive your work. I used the email address that you were using at the time – but remember I’ve had permission since around 2002/2003, so the email in the archive may not be up to date.

Q: Oh, groovy. Well, I want to take control of my account, what do I do?
First, go to the archive, and go to the login page and hit the “Lost Password” link. Input your email address, and if you’re told that the email addy is not in our database, then you have to email me to ask me to change the email address.

Email Me something like this (with “Queertet Archive Account” as the subject line):

Dear Star,

I want to take control of my account at Queertet, my details are:

Email: Your new email address that you want to be linked to your account.

Username: The username that I’m currently using on the archive.

Additionally, I would like to change my username to ____

The last line is only if you want to be known as something else.

Q: Some of my work is missing, it was there before!/The title of my work is up, but the page is empty!
A: Argh, sometimes this happens when you move servers. Please could you re-upload your work?

Q: You’ve archived my work under [username], but I’d really like to be known as [insert name] instead.
A: Email me, I can tweak the database.

Uploading Fanfic, etc

Q: How do I get started on the archive?
After registering, or getting me to release your details (see above), then go to the archive, and choose “Account Info”, from there you can edit your details (your real name, your password, link to a user icon, etc), upload a story, edit your story, and loads of other stuff like that.

Q: I want to upload a story, but it looks a little complicated, and I heard a rumour that you’re an evil beeyatch from hell when people upload to the wrong place.
A: I am an evil beeyatch from hell when people upload to the wrong place. That much is very true. I spent ages sorting out the sub-categories so that people could find what they want easily. So here’s how to stay on the right side of me. Let’s just say you’re uploading a story that centres on five characters, with ships of Charlie/Adam, Julie/Portman, and has a lot of Fulton as a single guy in it too.

Go to “Account Info”

Click “Add New Story”

Fill in your title and summary, then we move on to category, which is where it gets complicated. Choose “Slash Fics” from the drop-down list, but do not click “Select”. Now, click on the drop-down menu again, and it should list all the sub-categories for the Slash category (Charlie/Adam, Fulton/Portman, etc). Click “Charlie/Adam”, now you can click “Select”.

Now you should click on “Straight Fics” (again, do not click “Select”), and choose Julie/Portman from the drop-down list, as before.

Repeat the process to chose all the main characters for Character Fics (Charlie, Adam, Fulton, Portman, Julie).

Now you should be able to choose your genres, warnings (if appropriate) and characters. Until you select a category, only very few characters will be available for you to choose.

Fill in the rating, tick the box if it’s complete, and fill in all the rest of the details. Choose “Preview” just to make sure it looks all right, then “Add Story” when you’re ready.

Q: My story is a challenge fic or part of a series, what do I do about that?
A: Go to “Challenges” in the navigation block, choose your challenge. Under the details, there should be a link that says, “Respond to the Challenge!”, click it, and you should have a list of your stories. Tick the boxes beside any fics that correlate to that challenge and press submit.

This works much the same if you want to add a story to a series only, obviously, you click on “Series” instead of “Challenges”.

Q: How do I add a chapter to an existing story?
A: Go to “Account Info” then go to “Manage Stories”, this will bring up a list of your current stories, from there you can choose “Add New Chapter”. Your information (pairing, category, rating, etc) should be pre-selected. If not, it’s the same method as before.

Q: I still don’t get…
A: Ask a question in the comments and I will update this post. I want this FAQ to be helpful and comprehensive.