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Vid Commentary: November Rain

Oct 2006

Commentary on “November Rain

Well, I did one commentary, and enjoyed it so much (ego-masturbation really puts a smile on your face) that I thought I’d try to explain November Rain. Also, given that the vid is nearly a year old, I’m also probably going to say what I should have done to make it more successful. This is because at some point, I will probably remaster the vid in higher quality clips, and tweak a few things that bothered me.

November Rain is probably an idea that backfired on me. Axl Rose decides to turn Del James’ short story Without You into a music video and spends the next ten years explaining himself. Sarah, thestalkycop, decides to do exactly the same and wonders why she has to explain herself. What’s the definition of insanity, again? Something about endlessly repeating the same task, but hoping for different results?

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Update – Vid: I Won’t Say I’m In Love

Apr 2003

A new video. I just love making them.

Vid Title: I Won’t Say I’m In Love ~ This is the new version, slightly better than the old one.

Artist: from Disney’s Hercules

Fandom: The Mighty Ducks

Summary: A Casey/Bombay fluffy vid. Enjoy

Rated: U, same as the movie

File Size: 3.6 MB

Notes: This is a bit of a ‘talking heads’ vid, which is a big no-no to the vidding world. I’m sorry about that, but while it may seem like there’s a lot of Casey/Bombay stuff in the film, there’s actually very few clips of it.

Download at Starlight-Tales

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Update – Go! and Music Vid – Time of Your Life

Apr 2003

Two new parts of Go! and a Charlie/Bombay friendship music video. That’s all folks.

Vid Title: Time Of You Life

Song Title: Good Riddance (Time Of You Life)

Artist: Green Day

Fandom: The Mighty Ducks

Summary: A Charlie/Bombay friendship vid. Enjoy.

Rated: U, same as the movie

File Size: 4.2 MB

Updated: 4th September 2004 – Cut a few things down, added a few more, still not a great vid, but a better one.

Download from Starlight-Tales



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