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She Screams In Silence by
Genre: Angst, Queertet/Queertet Revisited
Characters: , ,
 Warning: ,
Summary: In the Queertet series, Maya is sort of overlooked. In Breeze, she gets with an argument with Taz about her ‘heterosexual fling.’ This is the real story behind it. What really happened that summer when Taz and Maya were broken up? This takes place the summer before they meet the Ducks. (Read this after reading Smoke, Snow and Breeze). Continue reading
Archived: 28 Oct 2006
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And Now For Something Completely Different: Queertet Revisited by
Genre: Angst, Queertet/Queertet Revisited, Romance
Characters: , , , , , , , ,
Pairings: , , , ,
Summary: Queertet Revisited—a different spin on the tale Vic and I once told to you. Continue reading
Archived: 1 Jul 2005
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Cabin Fever by ,
Genre: Humour, Romance
Characters: , , , , , , , , ,
Pairings: ,
Summary: The twelve friends thought they were in for a relaxing week on the slopes when they boarded the plane to Banks’ grandfathers cabin, but a freak blizzard ends all their plans. Stuck together 24/7 tensions run high. Continue reading
Archived: 11 Jul 2003
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