Breeze (The Mighty Queertet: Story 3)

Chapter 9: Still of the Night by Star

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Julie’s POV
I hear Maya get up and consider asking her if she’s ok, but I don’t really know her that well. If she is upset, she’s probably gone to talk to one of the others.

Part of me wishes I hadn’t come on this trip. I thought it would be fun, you know, eight people just cutting loose and having a good time. I didn’t realize that all the couples were having problems.

And a big part of me is really glad I came. I’ve liked Guy for a long time and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend a week with him for anything.

I hear someone moving around downstairs and wonder who’s still awake… ok, I’m wondering if Guy’s still awake. Curiosity gets the better of me and I get up and head down the stairs.

I peek in the living room. I must have been mistaken, no-one’s up. Taz and Charlie are scrunched on the couch asleep for the second time in as many nights.

I turn to go back to my room and smack straight into Portman. I nearly scream the house down in shock but manage to control myself.

“What are you doing awake?” I hiss, sounding a lot more suspicious than I meant to.

He shrugs. “I was looking for Fulton. Couldn’t sleep.” He nods towards the living room. “You wanna come outside and talk to me? I don’t want to risk waking the purple peril.”

I grin at his nickname for Taz and nod. I follow him out of the back door and he closes it quietly. For a big guy he moves very softly.

“So, what are you doing awake?” He asks me.

“I couldn’t sleep either. Too much stress.” I give him a look. “Is it always like this around you guys?”

He thinks it over carefully. “Not always. I can think of at least three occasions that all six of us were happy at the same time.”

I grin. I’ve never really talked to Portman before, and now that we’re talking I’m not sure what I’m going to say. “Weren’t you looking for Fulton?”

His face falls a little. “Yeah, but he’s ok. He was… um, talking to Maya, so I decided to go back to bed, which is when I bumped into you.”

“Oh.” Again, I’m lacking in things to say to him.

“I have to ask, Jules. What on earth possessed you to come on holiday with us? We’re all insane.”

I blush. I think the whole world knows my ulterior motive for coming here.

He grins at me, immediately catching on. “So, Guy Germaine. Have you kissed him yet? Was he good? Am I sounding horribly camp yet?”

I smother a laugh. If someone told me six months ago that I’d be sitting with Dean Portman having a ‘girly’ conversation I’d have laughed until I fell over. “No, you’re not quite horribly camp yet, but almost,” I tell him with a smile. “And you’d know more about his kissing skills than me!”

“I don’t quite think I’m his type. And he’s not mine. I prefer dark haired enforcers.”

“So much for opposites attract.”

“I could say the same for you. You and Guy are both blonde and seem like nice kind people…” He tails off. “I’m afraid that’s all I know about you two.”

I shrug and wrap my arms around my legs. “I don’t know anything about you and Fulton except you’re both really big, really strong and you seem to like loud music and each other.”

“That’s pretty much it.” He looks at me. “So, are you sorry you came? Things have a habit of getting crazy around here.”

I consider the question. “No.” I see him grinning at me. “My feelings about Guy aside, Maya seems nice, and you’re ok, I guess.” I laugh. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with you before.”

“People don’t expect to be able to talk to me,” he responds. “They don’t think they can get low enough down the food chain to communicate with me.”

I blush, I had once thought that he was nothing more than a big goon. “Sorry.”

“I wasn’t getting at you. I was just saying.” He tells me. “Anyway, this conversation is getting deep for one so late. Let’s be superficial again. When are you going to jump on Guy?”

I laugh again. “No, let’s talk about you and Fulton, how and when did you get together? I want all the smushy details.”

He takes a seat next to me. “On one condition. That I get the gossip about you and Guy before anyone else.”

“Done.” We shake hands and he starts to tell me about his love life.

Again, I have to say, six months ago, who’d have thought?

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