Breeze (The Mighty Queertet: Story 3)

Chapter 19: Downpour of Emotions by Star

Notes: This is a very average chapter despite my nice break from writing. Don’t worry, it’s just a filler. We have plans. Good plans.

Fulton’s POV
“Fulton! Bombay’s on the phone!” Charlie calls up the stairs to me.

Portman and I exchange a look. It’s the most he’s said since his outburst at Taz yesterday.

Since yesterday’s bonding session (translation: inability to get out of each other’s way), we’ve all pretty much stayed in our own rooms. Except Charlie and Adam who have taken to avoiding each other like the plague. The weather hasn’t got any better so we’re still stuck indoors.

I get up and wander downstairs to the phone in the hall, wondering why phones are only ever installed in the most public place in the house.

I pick up the phone. “Hey.”

“Fulton, how are you?” Bombay’s voice sounds tinny over the phone, but concerned. “Charlie said you wanted to talk to me, he didn’t say what about.”

I take a deep breath. “I don’t really want to get into it over the phone. Can I come and see you when we get back?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” he says agreeably. “Are you leaving the same day as Charlie?”

“Sorry?” I thought we were all leaving the same day.

“Charlie wants me to come pick him up tomorrow.”

“Um…” I can’t really blame Charlie for wanting to go, but why didn’t he mention this to us? “I’m not sure. I’ll talk it over with Portman.”

“Well, think it over. I’ve got space in the car for three more.”

We talk awhile longer, and decide on a day and time for me and Portman to come to see him in his office. He did ask if we wanted to go to his apartment, but I decided I’d rather see him in his office. I’m not sure why, but it felt right.

I wander into the living room. Julie and Guy have fallen asleep on the couch together, and Taz is drawing them. Using a sketch pad this time. She’s drawing a picture of them, not on them.

Portman walks in looking like the living dead. He doesn’t sleep well when things are tense, and this week has almost killed him, especially with me waking him up in the middle of the night for bizarre chats.

He hands Taz a glass of water and takes a sip of his own cup of coffee. “You want some?” He offers.

I shake my head and take a seat with him. “You’re being nice to the Purple Peril,” I note in a low voice.

“Someone should, the way Charlie’s being with her. Maya’s upstairs trying to talk to Adam.” He grins. “Watch this! Taz, you’re a lunatic but we still love you.”

Taz doesn’t react in the slightest. Just continues sketching with frenzied interest.

“Hey Taz…” he continues. She takes a sip of her water and nods.

“Is this what you’ve been doing while I was on the phone?”

“Yeah. Taz, you bizarre purple freak…”

“Fine thanks,” she finally responds distractedly. She dips her pencil in the water she’s just drunk from, frowns as if she can’t work out how it happened, throws the pencil down and picks up another. She draws for a few more minutes then downs the rest of her water in one gulp.

I share a grin with my boyfriend. Taz is actually quite sweet when she’s not talking. Or bouncing. Or cursing in Irish.

Maya and Adam wander in. Adam looks like he’s got the hangover from hell, the painkillers are giving him bad after-effects. Maya looks slightly worried about him. She walks over to her girlfriend and peers over her shoulder at the drawing. She nods approvingly and drops a kiss on Taz’s head. Taz remains oblivious.

Charlie chooses this moment to walk in. He glares at Taz and turns to walk out again.

“Charlie, wait,” I say. “What’s this about you leaving tomorrow?”

Portman gives me a surprised look, Charlie just looks guilty.

“Well?” I prod.

“Look, I don’t want to spend the rest of spring break here. Can you blame me? I’d rather be at home with my Mom being bored senseless while she plans her wedding.”

“We’re not getting at you,” Portman tells him. “It just would have been nice if you’d mentioned it to us.”

“Well, I have now!” he yells. “Is that ok?”

Taz looks up, slightly stunned to be surrounded by the entire group. I expect when she started drawing it was just her and Julie and Guy.

“What’s going on?” she asks in confusion.

“Charlie’s going home tomorrow,” Maya tells her softly.

Taz looks disappointed, then her face hardens. “Fine.” She turns back to her drawing, and is deeply irritated when Guy yawns and stretches, waking Julie up in the process.

“So you’re just going?” Adam asks, sounding hurt. “You weren’t going to tell us?”

Charlie rolls his eyes. “Like you care!”

“Grow up, Charlie. Just because things aren’t going your way, doesn’t mean you can act like…” Adam can’t seem to think of a suitable insult.

“Like what?” Charlie responds.

Portman stands up. “Time out!” He moves between them. “No fighting. You two have issues, fair enough, but we don’t want to get caught in the crossfire.”

They both turn their glares on him, Adam manages to convert his glare into a tolerant expression. Charlie doesn’t bother.

“Charlie’s going home. He wants to and we can’t stop him,” Portman says in a patient tone. “I’m guessing there’s room in the car for a few more. Does anyone else want to go home early?” He turns to Adam, “Sorry, man, but I don’t think you’re included in that offer.”

Adam smirks at him, seeming almost amused my Portman’s mediation efforts.

Julie tentatively raises her hand like we’re still at school or something. She mentions several good reasons for all of us to leave. Bad weather, stuff to do at school, we all came together, we should leave together.

I can’t help notice she doesn’t mention the best reason of all, that it’s hell here.

I can’t help agree with her either.

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