Breeze (The Mighty Queertet: Story 3)

Chapter 20: Gust of Inspiration by Victory Thru Tears

Maya’s POV
We’re leaving. Technically, there are five days left of our vacation, but all of us are fed up of each other. I should have expected it, I almost killed myself by spending Christmas vacation with just Taz, it’s ten times worse with more people.

We’re going to go back to Eden Hall. They allow people to stay at the dorms during vacations, because many of the students don’t live in the area. Not many interesting things happen, which is why we were glad to escape to the lake.

The lake, of course, has been no much better. Fighting, cursing, yelling, screaming, breaking up, almost breaking up…

The worst part is the sweltering heat. The sky is ugly and grey, but it’s probably ninety degrees. I stand on the porch with Taz as everyone loads their bags into the two cars.

Both of Charlie’s parents came to pick us up. I’m not sure what Charlie told them, but I think they figured out that something was wrong with all of us.

Adam looks unsure of what to do with himself. I know he feels very uncomfortable being with Casey and Gordon. I walk over to him, and touch his arm.

“Why don’t you ride with me and Taz?” It’s more of a statement than a question. He nods gratefully.

“Let’s get going, guys!” Casey says loudly, fanning herself with her hand. Charlie hops into Bombay’s car. I guess that means we’re going with his mom.

The Bash Brothers get in with Charlie, leaving Guy and Julie confused. I feel bad… I don’t want to split them up, but they’re really the only impartial ones. I walk over to Julie.

“Come with us, show a little girly solidarity.” I tease, poking her arm.

“But Adam’s going with you…” Julie looks confused.

“Like I said, girly solidarity.” I grin.

Adam shoots me a look, but smiles back. Julie sighs, and follows me into Casey’s station wagon.

“It’s alright for you,” she grumbles. “You get girly solidarity and your other half in the car.”

“See? Lesbianism is a good thing!” I say brightly.

We start to drive away from the lake house. Adam stares out of the window longingly. I wonder if he’s looking at the house, the water, or the car that Charlie’s in.

Casey mutters a curse word from the front seat.

“Hey, virgin ears here…” I scold. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m feeling very hyper. Must be the heat.

“The air conditioning’s not working,” Casey says, fiddling with the buttons.

We all groan. The hottest that Minnesota has probably ever been, and the air conditioning’s not working?

Taz and I are both appropriately dressed for this situation in shorts and swimsuit tops. Julie is wearing a t-shirt and shorts, but for some reason Adam is wearing a long sleeve shirt.

“That’s it.” Adam takes off the shirt, and stretches out in the back seat of the station wagon.

“Hey!” I say loudly as his legs push into my side.

“Sorry.” He mumbles, trying to turn over. He’s probably going to fall asleep. His wrist is still bothering him… he and Fulton were attempting to play basketball yesterday, and Adam had yet another accident. Hockey players should stick to hockey. He didn’t take any painkillers, because we figured that too many would be bad for him, but he did take some Tylenol. He says that any drug makes him tired.

Taz is chatting away to Casey, and Julie is staring out of the window glumly, headphones over her ears.

My hand starts to get that familiar itch. Taz says that she gets it too, when she wants to draw. I need to write right now.

I try to listen to Taz and Casey’s conversation.

“And then you wouldn’t believe what he said! He actually blamed me for his break up with Adam! Honestly, Casey, he’s such a pig-headed twit!”

Casey laughs. She loves Taz.

The itch is getting stronger, and I can’t resist it. I look around for my backpack to try and find my notebook. I groan when I realize that it’s in Bombay’s car with the rest of the boys. Dammit!

All I find is a permanent marker on the floor of the car. This is what I get for not being inspired for the past five days, when I had perfect opportunity to go and write on the beach. Now I’m stuck with a stupid marker and nothing to write on.

My gaze stops on Adam. His skin, which is normally a hideous shade of white, is nicely tanned from spending time outside. But it’s so… bare.

I grin. If Taz can do it, why can’t I?

He doesn’t even notice as I lean over and start to scribble on him in my loopy handwriting. I giggle to myself as I dot one of my I’s on his left nipple. Adam’s not flinching at all. In fact, he has a small smile on his face. Oh god, what if he thinks I’m Charlie, doing unspeakable things to him? Yuck!

I finally make it all the way down to just below his belly button. I have no more room to write, but I’m in the middle of a sentence! I shake him a little. He doesn’t open his eyes, just groans and turns over onto his stomach. Perfect!

I sit back on my seat less than fifteen minutes, putting the cap on the marker. Julie is asleep, and Taz and Casey are still talking. Julie opens her eyes at my movement, and wrinkles her nose a little.

“What’s that smell?” She asks.

Ah yes, the fumes of the permanent marker. I shrug innocently.

“You remind me of Taz right now…” Julie says suspiciously.

“What?” Taz turns around. “I heard my…”

She cuts off as she sees Adam. She stops for a moment, her face screwed up in bemusement.

“What did you do?” She finally asks.

“I had inspiration,” I say, my tone angelic.

Taz starts to giggle as she reads a passage from Adam’s back.

“I watched as he stared at his ex-lover. The sexual tension between them was thick enough to cut with a machete. I knew that Chris was trying with all of his might to try and restrain himself from jumping on top of… Aaron…”

Taz trails off. Casey is giving me an amused look through the rearview mirror.

“Aaron? Chris?” Julie asks, giggling.

I shrug. “New story I was working on. Involves two men very much in love with each other, but unable to see it.”

The car dissolves into laughter. Even Casey has to pull onto the shoulder of the road. Adam wakes up.

“What is your problem? Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep?” He grumbles, completely oblivious to the fact that he’s covered in my writing.

I smile, and lean my head back against the seat. The itch is coming back…

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