Breeze (The Mighty Queertet: Story 3)

Chapter 2: Float Away by Victory Thru Tears

Victory’s Notes: This is the first time I’ve ever attempted Taz. Please don’t hate me if it’s not up to your usual standards—Star created her, and it’s hard to write someone you didn’t even create! Anyway, I don’t think it was a bad first attempt.

Also—Saturniia, interesting you made those comments about Banksie and Maya being fifth and sixth wheels. Never underestimate the power of Vic and Star… we may have some tricks up our sleeves!

Taz’s POV
Maya makes that sigh that I know all too well—the highly irritated yet slightly amused one. I can’t help it—I’m excited!

Holidays do this to me. I know she was ready to kill me around Christmas time, and now she’s going to spend the next ten days with me in the same mood. I’m going to be lucky if I come out alive.

She’s probably also a little annoyed because she’s having to pack for me. I didn’t force her—she volunteered herself! Of course, I’m no good at packing in the first place, and she wants to make sure I don’t take any art supplies to deface the Banks’ beach house with.

We’ve got to be the luckiest teenagers on the planet. How many parents would let their kids off to spend over a week virtually by themselves? Well yeah, we’re going to be chaperoned by Adam’s cousin, who’s in college. His own plans fell through, and he offered to look after Adam and a few friends during the break.

I’d hardly call it a few friends. Adam invited Julie and Guy along with us gays. Eight teenagers? A beach house? Ten days? It sounds like a reality TV show.

Maya holds up a jar of peanut butter and stares at me in mystification.

“Why is this in your suitcase?” she asks.

I shrug from my spot on her bed. “I was going to give it to Adam.”

“I’m sure he has food at the house, Taz.”

I sigh and roll my eyes. I swear, sometimes she treats me like an infant. “No, silly. I’m going to give it to him to use as a weapon on Charlie if he gets too annoying.”

Maya snorts. “I’m sure Adam will be touched.”

I hope so. I don’t like having him hate me. Maya insists the he doesn’t, but I can tell from the looks he gives Charlie and me when we’re together.

Not that Charles and I are even friends. I’m just helping him learn Irish.

Who am I kidding? Charlie is my best friend. I don’t want Maya and Adam to be mad about it though, so I’m trying to be as restrained as possible around Conway.

Maya zips up my bag, and holds it up to pass to me.

“Ready to go?” she asks. I nod, and take the bag from her hands. I’m surprised by its weight, and almost fall to the floor.

“Ummph! What is in this thing?” I ask her.

“Hey, don’t blame me. I actually packed enough clothes for you, so you can’t bother me on the third day of vacation trying to borrow mine.” She says, picking up her own bag.

We leave the dorm and lock it behind us, still arguing.

We don’t have to look far to find the Queertet, Guy, and Julie. Adam’s parents have kindly offered to drive us the four hours.

“It took you long enough,” Charlie calls from the car to me. I grin, and toss my bag at him.

“Put it in, slave.”

He wishes me fifteen years of head lice and I grin at him.

“Good, you’ve finally got that one down too!”

I can see Adam glaring at us out of the corner of my eye.

I quickly turn away from Charlie and put my attention on Mr. Banks, who is clearly trying to get our attention.

“How is everybody getting up there? We can have four in each car.”

I see everyone exchange glances. This is going to be tough. Portman won’t want to be with me, neither will Adam… but Adam will want to be with Charlie, and so do I. Maya will probably want to be with Julie, who will want to be with Guy, who will want to be with Charlie…

It takes us awhile, but we finally end up in the right places. I’m with Guy, Julie, and Maya with Mrs. Banks, and the others are with Adam’s father.

Yes, I’m upset that I couldn’t be with Charlie, but I’m not going to voice it. Maya was already giving me enough death glares outside.

Charlie waves at me as we pull away from the school, and I stick my tongue out at him.

I sigh, and settle in for the long ride. I think I’ll try to get some sleep, so I can be nice and perky once we arrive.

We’re barely driving five minutes when I realize that isn’t going to happen. Guy sighs and leans his head against the window from the front seat, and Mrs. Banks turns up the radio. Maya and Julie are trying to ignore my chattering, but I can tell it’s hard for both of them.

Spring break! Yeah!

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