Breeze (The Mighty Queertet: Story 3)

Chapter 6: Calm Before The Storm by Victory Thru Tears

Adam’s POV
Maya sits down on the sand next to me, around the big bonfire that Matthew had built right before leaving for a party. He said he’d be back at around three, but we all know we won’t see him until tomorrow morning. The weather is beautiful for Minnesota, and although there’s a cool breeze, we’re all dressed in shorts and t-shirts. We’ve all just come from dinner. Well, Guy, Julie, Maya and I have. The Bash Brothers are eating somewhere else, and I don’t know where Taz and Charlie are.

Maya and I spent the day on the beach. She wrote, Julie and Guy swam, and I just sat there and took in the scenery. This beach house is my entire childhood. Almost every defining moment of my life took place here. Well, here or on the ice.

Or with Charlie.

I sigh. Maya puts a comforting hand on my arm. I’m glad she’s here. I feel really connected to her lately. She deals with things the same way I do (not very well) but it’s almost like she knows what I’m thinking. In a parallel universe, I’d definitely date her.

Don’t ever tell Charlie I said that.

Julie and Guy sit down by us, warming their wet bodies on the flame. It’s not cold outside, but getting out of the ocean is always a shock.

I watch them smiling and laughing with each other. They’re so pathetic. Can’t they put aside whatever pride or confusion they have and just give up the charade? We all know they want each other.

The Bash Brothers sit down by us. Fulton looks much happier than he has for the past few weeks. I know I haven’t been the greatest friend to him. To tell the truth, I don’t know how. We’ve never been especially close. I think something’s going on with his family. In fact, I know something’s going on with his family. But I figure if he can’t come out and tell me, it’s none of my business.

“Hey, I have a good idea,” Julie says slyly, breaking all of us out of our trances. “Let’s play Truth or Dare.”

“Yeah!” Guy is enthusiastic about the idea.

I glance at Maya, and she shrugs. “It could be fun.”

“Where are Charlie and Taz?” Julie asks, looking around.

“Here, I’ll get them.” Portman stands up, and yells loudly. “CONWAY! MCDONALD! GET DOWN HERE!”

A few moments later I see two figures climbing down from the rocks by the house. I hear Maya sigh from next to me, and I take her hand in mine.

“We’re playing truth or dare,” Guy informs them as they sit down across the circle from Maya and me.

“Ooh, that’s so much fun!” In the light of the fire I can see the can of Coke that Taz is clutching in her hand. Maya has a troubled expression on her face. She may be arguing with Taz, but she’s still concerned about her health. Not that Taz’s health is ever at a real risk, per say… but if she’s annoying and Portman’s around, there could be some bloodshed.

Charlie glowers at Maya smugly. He’s probably given Taz the soda.

“Anyway, who wants to start?” Julie asks. I think she can sense the tension.

“I will,” Fulton volunteers. He sounds somewhat enthused. “Um… Taz, truth or dare.”

“Dare,” she answers giddily.

“I dare you to… skinny dip.”

Everyone choruses with groans, but Charlie’s laughing so hard that he’s fallen over. Taz shrugs, and walks towards the ocean, taking off her clothes as she gets nearer to the water. I sigh, and look away. This isn’t exactly interesting. As soon as she’s in the water, Charlie hops up and runs to get her clothes.

“Charles!” She thunders from the water. “Give those back!”

Portman catches the venomous glare on Maya’s face. “Dude, just give them back.”

Charlie reluctantly obliges. I think it’s only because it was Portman who asked.

A damp Taz sits down by the fire a few moments later, wringing the water out of her purple hair. She looks around at us for a few moments, and her gaze stops on me.

“Adam. Truth or dare.”


“Truth,” I answer confidently. There is no way in hell I am getting a dare from that girl.

“Ok.” She thinks for a moment. “Oh!”

I don’t like the devious look on her face.

“How big is your… you know.” She motions to my lap.

Everybody cracks up, but I stare at her dumbfounded. Does she think I’m going to actually answer that? I shake my head at her, letting her know that she’s crazy.

“Oh, fine, well how big is Charlie’s then?”

Our friends don’t know whether to laugh or gasp. They do both.

“Well, honey, I’d think you’d already know that,” Maya mutters the exact thought going through my mind.

Taz looks hurt, and sits back a little bit. Charlie looks like he wants to pat her shoulder sympathetically, but thinks better of it when he sees Maya’s face.

“Ok, fine. Um, when did you first fall for Charlie?”

I sigh. Perfect time for the perfect question from the perfect asker. “I don’t know. Before the Goodwill Games.”

“Oh, be more specific!” Julie prods.

I don’t really want to get into this… but I continue nonetheless. “The day we found out about being Team USA, we were playing hockey and he fell. I don’t know. I let him get a band aid from my house, and I just knew it.”

From the half smile on Charlie’s face, I think he remembers the day that I’m referring to. I look away quickly. I can’t let myself keep falling for the same old tricks. Just because he has a cute smile doesn’t mean that I’m not mad at him.

“That’s sweet,” Taz says softly. “Your turn.”

I look around. “Guy. Truth or dare.”

“Um, dare.” Guy grins. “I feel like walking on the wild side.”

“Ok. Well, um…” I pick something off of the top of my head. “Kiss Portman.”

Everyone stares at me in shock. I smile mysteriously. “With tongue.”

Fulton starts to giggle. Yes, Fulton giggles. Portman looks at me, indicating with his fist that he’s going to kill me. I shrug.

“Gotta do it, truth or dare.”

Guy looks absolutely horrified. Actually, I think it’s a good thing that I picked Portman for him to kiss and not Fulton. Portman is more of the type to pound somebody for touching his man.

“Hurry up!” Julie pushes Guy a little. He reluctantly leans over towards Portman, who is next to him. He pecks him on the cheek.

We all make noises of disapproval.

“I do believe Adam said tongue, my dear!” Fulton says cheerfully.

“Hell. No.” Guy says firmly. “No offense, of course.”

“None taken. I’d probably say the same thing if asked to kiss Taz. But that’s also because…” Portman mumbles the rest of his sentence.

Taz looks severely hurt, and Charlie looks pissed off.

“Argh, fine.” Guy leans over and kisses Portman square on the lips. It lasts for less than a second, and Guy pulls away, bright red.

“Soft lips, for a guy,” Portman teases. Guy hits him on the arm. He knows he was kidding around.

“Alright, just for that, I’m going to go with Julie.”


“Fine. Who do you like?”

Not the most subtle attempt, Guy Germaine. Your girl-getting tactics should have changed in the years, even though I know the last girl you tried to get was in fifth grade.

“No one.”

We all know Julie’s lying.

“Not true, not true, not true!” Maya sings softly. Julie shoots her a death glare.

“Seriously, no one,” She tries to say confidently.

“Oh, come on, we all know you’re hot for Guy!” Fulton seems to have really come out of his recent depression. He laughs as Julie looks fiercely at him. “Haha, looks can’t kill.”

Guy has a shy smile on his face, and he’s looking at the sand.

“I hate you,” Julie mutters to no one in particular. She looks up brightly. “Portman! Truth or dare.”


“Ooh, this should be interesting. Um… kiss Taz.”

“Did I not just say I’d never in hell do that?!” He thunders as Fulton falls over laughing.

Julie sighs. “Fine. Kiss… Adam.”

I look around in surprise. Huh? Portman shrugs his shoulders, and I look at Fulton imploringly. I’ll only do it if he says it’s ok. He shrugs back, a smile on his face. Good, at least he’s not easily jealous.

Portman and I lean towards each other for a quick smooch. As he sits back down he grumbles, “Why am I having to do all of the kissing?”

Maya giggles and rests her head on my shoulder. Taz gives her a look much like she’s been getting from her girlfriend. Charlie sighs, and looks away. Fulton and Portman are watching us intently.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Guy take Julie’s hand. I’m glad they have each other to escape from us with.

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