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Update – Automated Archive

Nov 2004

New layout. Not to go all fangirl, but is this not “teh hottnezz” or what? Also, we now have an automated archive of fan fiction. Actually, there’s nowt in it at the moment, but that’s where you come in. Sign in and upload your fic. It’s like a, only it allows NC-17 rated fics. Go here and check it out.

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    Welcome to The Mighty Queertet, a fansite for the Mighty Ducks, with a heavy slant on slash fic (though het and gen is more than welcome - I ship Charlie/Linda harder than I ship Charlie/Adam, but not quite as much as I ship Charlie/Fulton, just for context!)

    The site was established on 21st April 2002, so we're pretty old now, and not so much down with the kids, the archive doesn't update much, mostly this is now a nostalgia site, but if you want to add your fic or say something, please do so.