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The Mighty Ducks: Junior Novelizations

A friend of mine, Dana, graciously gave her time to transcribe the novelisations for the rest of the fans. I must make it clear that she did this simply to share more “cannon fodder” with the fandom – she was not making any form of money out of this, though I don’t doubt her karma was good afterwards, because I for one was very grateful that she gave her time to do this.

So now, I’m risking lawsuits to put the novels on here. Why? Simply because you can’t get hold of them. I would happily pay for the novels, if I could find them. Ebay isn’t an option for me, I’m English and they only ever seem to sell (very rarely) from Americans, who won’t ship outside the USA. And thanks to my ex, I’m banned from I simply want to share this with fans of the movie.

At the slightest hint of a lawsuit, I will hurriedly take them down.

Interesting side note, this novelisation is approximately half the length of Shoebox.

Read them here: D1 | D2 | D3

Also, below are zips with the html file and a .mobi conversion for use on a Kindle.  Hope you enjoy!

D1: The Mighty Ducks - Junior Novelization - Jordan Horowitz (669)

D2: The Mighty Ducks - Junior Novelization - Jordan Horowitz (576)

D3: The Mighty Ducks - Junior Novelization - Jordan Horowitz (697)


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