A brief overview of this site (it grew, it shrank, it changed…)

Welcome to The Mighty Queertet. This site has gone through several revolutions in the past, it grew, shrunk, vanished, and is now finally all in place.

Once upon a time this was a sprawling site with many nooks and crannies. Then it shrank and went to an update blog and automated archive. Now I’m in the process of moving over the fanfiction from the old archive to WordPress. eFiction is just too outdated, and I’m sick of the constant spam and hacks I get from it.

Many things got lost over the years, the forum became disused, then full of spam, so that’s gone, fics went up and then vanished, because of first moving servers, then with updates to the software, then hacks forcing me to roll back to a time when the fic wasn’t up, and then the final update that just wouldn’t go through, so I had to force it. (Again, this is why I’m moving to WordPress as a final content management system.) But after hunting down the graphics for the award winners, I’ve found some truly ancient html files, so I will be able to upload old work that is no longer found elsewhere.

This site won’t often be updated once I’ve got this swapped over. It mainly lives for nostalgia reasons. And I really like the word Queertet.

However, it’s not just my stuff on here, so have a mosey around, and see if anything catches your eye. As a starting point, you can’t really go wrong with either Charisma, Renee-Chan or lycanthrope.

10 December 2018


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