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Welcome to The Mighty Queertet

Welcome to The Mighty Queertet. This site has gone through several revolutions in the past, it grew, shrunk, vanished, and is now finally all in place. Once upon a time this was a sprawling site with many nooks and crannies. Then it shrank and went to an update blog and automated archive. Now I’m in […]

Update: New Vid

I’ve updated a fanvid I made a few years ago, November Rain. As always, feedback is craved, since there have been over 300 downloads and not a single person has given me any form of feedback. Those are not good odds! All the same, I’m proud of the vid, and it was fun for me […]

New Layout

Well, I’ve updated the Queertet layout, in nice simple blues. Not only is this new layout more friendly to browsers with settings larger than 1024×768, but it’s also neater and cleaner. Additionally, I’ve fixed a load of broken links and uploaded almost 900 caps from D2. I’ve updated the archive and installed a forum. I […]

No comments!

Currently the comments option appears to be down. While trying to make it spam-proof, I seem to have made it comment-proof as well. Unfortunately, CodeGrrl.com, the website that holds every single answer to life’s questions, is down, and I can’t get help with it. Then again, nobody’s really commenting. I’d rather be spam-proof for the […]

Slowly getting there!

Well, I know I haven’t actually uploaded all of this yet, but we’re getting somewhere… finally! Things are being moved over to this blog, and also, when I can fact it, I’m moving the fic from the automated archive at queertet.co.uk to the new archive. You may wonder why I’m doing this. Well, even if […]


So, I lost a huge amount of work when my drive died. The most recent back-up of my site that I can find is from December 2004. This is most distressing. The reason the site is not online fully is because we moved from Lycos (Worst Webhosts In The World Ever) to DreamHost (Best Webhosts […]


We now have an Adoption Page where you can adopt the Duck of your chosing. While the Awards here have closed, Flying Proud will be hosting an entirely different set of awards shortly. Believe me, it will not be an honour to be nominated! Still fairly new is the Discussion Forum, where you can register, […]


We now have a Discussion Forum, you can register, use your own avatar, post threads, do what you want. It’s a bit barren at the moment, so please join up. Also, a new music video, Run Like Mad – it’s short but (hopefully) sweet. I’ve taken down the voting form, we’ll sort out the awards […]