New Layout

Well, I’ve updated the Queertet layout, in nice simple blues. Not only is this new layout more friendly to browsers with settings larger than 1024×768, but it’s also neater and cleaner.

Additionally, I’ve fixed a load of broken links and uploaded almost 900 caps from D2. I’ve updated the archive and installed a forum. I hope that this goes down well. I miss this site being a cool place, instead of a broken one.

If you run into any problems or crash into a broken link, just let my know by emailing me or posting a comment here.

Comments Working Now

The comments feature on the blog now works, and still has spam protection. I’m a very happy bunny. In theory most links should work now. If they don’t, leave a comment.

No comments!

Currently the comments option appears to be down. While trying to make it spam-proof, I seem to have made it comment-proof as well. Unfortunately,, the website that holds every single answer to life’s questions, is down, and I can’t get help with it. Then again, nobody’s really commenting. I’d rather be spam-proof for the time being. After all, if anyone needs me, they can email.

Slowly getting there!

Well, I know I haven’t actually uploaded all of this yet, but we’re getting somewhere… finally!

Things are being moved over to this blog, and also, when I can fact it, I’m moving the fic from the automated archive at to the new archive.

You may wonder why I’m doing this. Well, even if you don’t care, I’m going to tell you. I’m absolutely in love with DreamHost, and I really don’t see the need to pay for loads of domains hosted with various different companies now that I’ve found one that will let me have many domains, all hosted on one package. So, slowly I’m moving the domains that I already own over to DreamHost. They really are brilliant hosts, I can’t say enough good things about them.


So, I lost a huge amount of work when my drive died. The most recent back-up of my site that I can find is from December 2004. This is most distressing. The reason the site is not online fully is because we moved from Lycos (Worst Webhosts In The World Ever) to DreamHost (Best Webhosts In The World Ever!) and I had planned a huge overhaul on the site, so only uploaded the main pages. I was very stressed because of this so I started exercising again with my best pair of compression socks men.

So now what I’m trying to do is work with the 2004 content, and the vaguest hints of databases that I have. I regularly backup my databases, as CodeGrrl tells me to, however, I saved to the D drive, which is the drive that died. I still have the C drive, which is a pitiful 40GB drive, and now I’m trying to work on that.

I’m trying desperately to get organised, so please bear with me.

Update – Automated Archive

New layout. Not to go all fangirl, but is this not “teh hottnezz” or what? Also, we now have an automated archive of fan fiction. Actually, there’s nowt in it at the moment, but that’s where you come in. Sign in and upload your fic. It’s like a, only it allows NC-17 rated fics. Go here and check it out.


We now have an Adoption Page where you can adopt the Duck of your chosing. While the Awards here have closed, Flying Proud will be hosting an entirely different set of awards shortly. Believe me, it will not be an honour to be nominated!

Still fairly new is the Discussion Forum, where you can register, use your own avatar, post threads, do what you want. It’s a bit barren at the moment, so please join up.


We now have a Discussion Forum, you can register, use your own avatar, post threads, do what you want. It’s a bit barren at the moment, so please join up.
Also, a new music video, Run Like Mad – it’s short but (hopefully) sweet.
I’ve taken down the voting form, we’ll sort out the awards shortly.


Updated: I have updated the Time Of Your Life music video. Played with some coding. That’s about it.

New: I have put up the voting form for the next round of the (long overdue – almost a year) Fan Fic Awards. Go forth and vote now. You have until Friday 10th September to vote.


Updated: First I go six months without updates, now I do two in a week. Welcome to the completely re-vamped Queertet site. I’m hoping that the new look is liked by all (or at least a sizable portion of visitors) since I’ve spent bloody ages working on it.

New: I don’t have any new fic up, but I do have a few new pages. Both the Mary Sue and the Queertet Quizzes have been moved here, and now they both work, there were problems with them initially. Secondly, I’ve added a puzzle, I’ll be putting more stuff like that up some time in the future.


Wow, long time, no updates. Ok, as you can see, the entire site is getting an make-over. I hate the navigation system. I want to find a better way to navigate this site – it’s the size that causes a problem though. So many pages and links, if anyone has any input on how I could improve the site, please let me know. So aside from the new look (that’s slowly taking over), I’ve made the pictures prettier, new banners, slightly new coding. Basically, this means that the site will be slower for you right now while the new cookies are downloaded. All that for pretties?

Also, the latest update now sits on the first page, just to let you know what’s new as soon as you get here.

Finally, Tales from the Shoebox is complete and uploaded. The Quizzes have also moved here. I’ve been working my ass of for months on this and all I have to say is “two new chapters and pretties”. *sigh*


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my webmaster gave to me…

Updated: One new chapter of Tales from the Shoebox

New: Two new fics, Without You a Connie/Guy one shot, and the prologue and first chapter of A Christmas Carol. Also, the Fan Fic Awards Voting Form is finally up and running. Go, vote!


Updated: I have updated Tales from the Shoebox and made a banner for it. I have also removed all of Jetta’s fics from this site, since they were not her own work. She has grudgingly apologised, but I still have doubts that she understands what she did was wrong.

New: Some live journal icons on the Fan Art page.


Updated: D4: Mary Sue Annoys The Ducks by me, there would have been a bigger update, I html-ed an entire story, before finding out it was an almost word-for-word rip off from a book.

New: On Being Alone by Carla, the third part of her new series. Beg her for more.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, it’s that time of year again. Yep, Award time. Why not make your nominations while you’re here?


Updated: New navigational system. Yes, I hate it too. Sadly the one I wanted to use wouldn’t work. I do apologise, but I was sick to death of the cluttered look of the bottom of the page. One new chapter of D4: Mary Sue Annoys The Ducks by me.

New: Right Up Close again by me. Banksie angst (“Bankst”). Yes, the thing that I’m always whinging about. I’m a big hypocrite.


Not much done, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. I’m revamping the Awards part of the site, ready for next month. There’s a new banner up since Stepherz has left the fandom and I felt inspired to make one of my own, some new rules are up… *grins* Yay, bring on the angst that masquerades as the Fan Fic Awards.

Updated: Surely you noticed the main page? Pretty, right? And The Fox Declared To The Hound…, Renee-chan’s previously untitled fic has been archived in full now. I still have to html Schiz’s work. I just can’t face it at the moment. I have 10 chapters to go, and it’s so fiddly. So many italic tags and lyrics at the beginning. I will do it when I have more time on my hands. On the Archive page there is a link to her profile, where you can read all of her works in full. My apologies, Schiz, I just can’t face html-ing again. It took me hours last time!

New: Don’t Let Go by Jetta, On Being Fake by Carla, and D4: Mary Sue Annoys The Ducks by me. Pretty good, huh?