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Update – FFAwards Collection

I finally updated the winners page for the November/December 2002 Fan Fic Awards. This means that the award graphics are up for collection on this page. Many apologies to everyone for the delay in getting this done. *smiles* I know you guys are ever so understanding about my lax attitude, but I promise that I’m […]

Update – Fanfiction and Awards Voting Page

What’s new? Well, I finally got around to html-ing all that is written so far of Go! by myself and Charisma. Also I’ve put up Moving On, a Connie and Guy short fic and Anything But Ordinary, my Charlie/Terri fic that I’ve been writing for awhile, but have never posted. Also I’ve made the page […]

Update – Fanfic Awards

Ok, so I haven’t done much. In fact, all I’ve done is sort out the site ready for the Fan Fiction Awards. But who cares? *grins* I’m sorry, Vic and I just don’t get much time to write together at the moment.

Update – Fic and Fanfic Awards

Ok, what’s new? Have a look! One new chapter of Sun, two new chapters of Harry Potter and the Mighty Queertet and check out the Fan Fiction Awards page! I’ve html-ed links to all the winners fics, (please note, Vic and Star take no responsibility for the links being broken, ff.net is having problems), I’ve […]