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On Being Alone

Summary: Sometimes it hurts. What? Everything. Dedication: To Star for the title, and for being the best damn person in the whole world. Thank you, ever and often. And to everyone who has given me feedback on these stories-thank you more than I can say. This isn’t a fandom or a POV that I’m comfortable […]

And The Fox Declared to the Hound…

Connie breaks up with Guy. The result is a beautiful friendship between Guy and Adam. “I don’t know how to be “Guy Germaine”. I hear the name often enough during hockey games, but in my head it’s always been “ConnieandGuy”. And now… now I have to figure out how to be just “Guy”… and the thought scares me beyond reason.”

Writing Rants

I’m so sick of going to ff.net and seeing truckloads of Mary Sue fics… and worse, seeing them praised to the rafters. I’m making a big list of all the overused plot lines in order of irritation: New girl at Eden Hall New girl at Eden Hall who fancies Adam New girl at Eden Hall […]