Who is Charlie chasing?

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Archived: 29 Oct 2006

Chasing by Charisma

He is so beautiful. Handsome. Gorgeous.

I laugh as he finally catches up to me.

“You’re really slow Charlie Conway.” I say. He looks up.

“You little-” I take off before he can finish his sentence.

Nothing could be better than this. Beautiful night sky, the forest, the lake, the lawn, Charlie chasing after me. I run beside the lake, hearing Charlie footsteps pounding after me.

I remember our first everything.

I glance at Charlie, then back at my schoolwork. He caught me looking at him. I dread this class to end. But it does.

“I caught you looking at me.” He grins cocky, after class. “You’ve been doing that a lot lately.”

“No, I haven’t!” I protest.

“Admit it. You’re fishing for a date.” He grin grows more cocky.

“No, I wasn’t!” I shake my head. “Really! N-n-no!”

“I’ll pick you up on Friday. Say 6pm?” He shifts his books to his other hip.

“O-okay.” I look away blushing.

“Can I hold your hand?” Charlie asks after we’ve finished watching the movie at the, well, movies.

“You don’t even have to ask.” I smile as he reaches for my hand and intertwines his fingers through mine. We’re so busy grinning at each other that we bump into an old man.

“Sorry.” Charlie shrugs, giving him an innocent look. We both laugh, walking away from him.

“This is really good.” I say looking at the A plus on his paper. “I’m proud of you.”

“Really?” He asks, a blush crawling up his neck. He is just… so cute.

“Yes really.” I hand the paper back to him.

“Okay, I’ll keep making good grades just for you.” He tosses his paper aside, as he stands up.

“Just for me?” I ask, my voice wavering. He grins, sliding a hand around my waist as he pulls me closer.

“Just for you.” He whispers, gently kissing me. The kiss grows more passionate.

“Wow.” I whisper after we break apart. He hears me. He rests his forehead against mine.

“Just wow huh?” He asks.

“That was my first kiss.” I admit.

“This can be your second kiss then.” He says kissing me again.

“See, when you do things like that, it makes me love you more.” I accept the hand picked daisies from him.

“You love me?” He asks. He looks so… vulnerable. Charlie Conway, vulnerable?

“Yeah.” I look at him. He finally smiles.

“I love you too.” He laughs as I shower his face with kisses.

“I missed you so much.” I say, holding back a moan as he kisses my neck.

“Mmm, you smell so good.” He whispers sliding his hand up my leg.

“Charlie…” I close my eyes. “Let’s do this. Us. You and me. Together.”

“Whoa.” He stops kissing me. “Are you sure?”

“I love you. You love me.” I say. “Let’s make it… love.”

“If you’re sure…”

“I’m sure. Are you?”

He answers with a deep kiss.

I trip over a mangled root from a tree. Charlie catches up to me with a worried look.

“Are you okay?” He helps me up.

“Ow!” I wince. Charlie picks up a book that had fallen out of my pocket. It’s a stupid erotic book Portman gave to me today. He said it was the only book he read. He was being a jackass.

Charlie laughs.

“That’d make great bathroom reading Adam!” He mimics me. Now it’s my turn to chase him.