Disclaimer, Warning & Announcement


Disney and lots of other big important people own The Mighty Ducks. Not us. Victory Thru Tears and Star are just fans with no money and big obsessions. We’re not making any form of profit on this site, this is for fun, so please don’t sue.


These fics are slash, and while not smutty in the slightest, they may not be suitable for younger readers or… *sigh* homophobes. If you don’t like slash, don’t read these. By clicking on the links for the fic you are stating that you are old enough to read them and that you are entirely responsible for your own reaction to these stories. Victory and Star are not responsible anything other than typos and grammatical mistakes you might spot.

Thank you.

Announcement for all random bastards who’ve come over to mock this site on the tip-off from a forum:

This site is mainly here for my amusement. I like web-design, I like writing fan fiction, I like these movies and I like the people I have met from this fandom. The site exists to house my fan fiction and showcase the work of my friends.

You may have opinions about this site, might I suggest you do something other than look at the banner and get in raging stop that I’m slashing up Disney movies before hurling abuse? Perhaps you’d like to check out my work, then you’ll see that my fics are mostly rated PG-13, and anything that is rated higher is actually het fic (that would be stories about straight couples) and I have never posted any form of smut in any fandom anywhere on the internet.

One of your opinions might be that writing slash fic about a Disney movie is disgusting, whereas if this site had been about the players on the NHL team, that would have been acceptable. Personally, my feelings are the polar opposite, it seems downright rude and intrusive to write any kind of fic (slash or otherwise) about real people. It could be considered slander. However, if you have a website devoted to Real Person Fic, then great, I’m glad you have a hobby.

Another of your opinions might be that I’m an old guy, based on the fact that my site “looks professional”. Why not check the About Me page before coming to that conclusion. Or how about the paragraph below this, which was at the top of the page. How many guys go by the name of Star?

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, how about, instead of being ignorant and prejudiced about my work, you actually have a look around, and base your judgement on something other than the domain name? If you still hate the site afterwards, fine, but stop being so ignorant. It makes me feel sorry for you.

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