A Note About the Original Queertet Series

A Note About the Original Queertet Series



Dear Fandom,

Vic and Star have a request:

Would you kindly shut up about Queertet Original and let it rest in peace. The fic is dead. Leave it be.

The Original Queertet has died, Vic and Star have mourned, in their own separate ways, Star gave in to alcoholism and could be found begging quarters off tramps for another bottle of ale, and Vic did time in Westin Hills, a mental institution in Ohio. It’s sad but true.

However, both have managed to move on. Star manages to get to at least three AA meetings a week, and has, for the most part, stopped hallucinating. Vic has been released from psychiatric care, but now speaks exclusively in a French accent and responds only to the name Sasha.

They have moved on. It’s about time you guys did as well.

In all seriousness, we burned ourselves out writing Smoke, Snow, Breeze and half of Sun in such a short space of time. We were mentally exhausted by the fic at the end of it.

That was two years ago, we are now very different people, with very different interests. Even if we wanted to come back to Queertet – and let’s face it, it’s been a long time, better fics have come along – we don’t think we could. It’s no longer an important story to us, we both have different projects happening, and we’d rather live in the now. We’re pleased as punch that people still like the story, and we’re sorry we burnt out before finishing it, but please, can the emails stop?


Please stop asking for it to be. We don’t have the time, the interest or the inclination to continue with it. It’s old, it’s dead, it’s over.

However, Queertet Revisited (Star’s pet project) is almost finished and is being polished word by word by my beta. I (Star) would like to ask that any reviews left on Queertet Revisited only relate to Queertet Revisited and not the original. I don’t think you guys realise how soul destroying it is to have every single review contain, “Cool, but don’t leave it when you get bored like you did last time”. That’s not a review, that’s a slam. Nobody gave me this much hassle over Shoebox – which, might I point out, I didn’t “get bored of” and “give up on” – why should Queertet Revisited be any different? [Star’s addition: see here for why the remix came about]

Please, you are actually really hurting my (Star’s) feelings over this. Yes, Vic and I gave up on Queertet, because we were exhausted and it wasn’t fun any more, but don’t hold it against us for the rest of our lives. After all, it’s just a story.

Vic and Star
5 June 2005