Saturniia’s Believable Fulton/Charlie Challenge

Saturniia put forward this challenge on the old forums. I wish I knew for certain when, but I can only guess that it was before July 2005, because that’s when I picked it up and started writing Queertet Revisited.

Ducks fans new to the world of fanfic and established slashers alike, I present to you the following challenge:

Write a believable Charlie/Fulton slash fic.

Yes, I did say “a believable Charlie/Fulton slash fic”. No need to readjust your computer screen. Also, as if that wasn’t enough, there are a few other requirements:

  • Fics must include canon material or references (no AU).
  • No getting around the Charlie/Fulton requirement by making the subjects ambiguous; Charlie and Fulton must both be recognizable by description, if not named outright.
  • Drabbles must be situated within the canon (between the beginning and the end of D1, the beginning and the end of D2, or the beginning and the end of D3).
  • Fics must not be less than 100 words in length.
  • Drunkfics must have at least one sober partner, or include a follow-up where both parties are sober.
  • Angsty, unrequited love fics are fine, but make them believable.
  • Fics in which both partners are not drunk, or the drunkenness does not contribute directly to the slash plot, must have one or both of the characters bisexual or bicurious, if not gay.
  • All fics, regardless of genre or length, must include the following:
    • fluffy bunny slippers
    • red, red wine (either the drink or the song)
    • One of the following quotes:
      • “Intelligence will only take us so far. Then we have to get out and walk”
      • “This is your best friend here. You give whatever it takes even if it takes more than you got”
      • “I’m Catholic, we believe in anything that makes us nervous.”
  • By the way, the quote must be said by a character in normal conversation, not found in another source (the TV, a radio DJ, a book)