Why the new story?

The new story came about for many reason, the main one being I was seeing a lot of fan fiction remixes being held and I would have loved for Queertet to be remixed – but at the same time, I didn’t want anyone else to do it.

Another reason was that I was sick of being asked when Sun was going to be finished. It wasn’t a particularly good story, Smoke and Snow were good enough, I guess, but anyone (surely?) could tell that we were losing interest as Breeze progressed. By the time Sun rolled around we were exhausted. Neither of us have any interest in finishing that story, so it’s dead.

And finally, I wished to reclaim the name Queertet. I was the one to come up with it, but it belonged to a series I had co-written with an author I haven’t really spoken to since 2002. That sounds petty, doesn’t it? Well, so what? We all have our little quirks.

I emailed Vic and asked her if I could remix Queertet, she was agreeable, so I did.

Initially it wasn’t a co-write. It was me writing the story and Carla beta-ing and, eventually, writing snippets for me. Carla never had any intention of these snippets being in the final cut of Queertet Revisited, they were just gifts to me to keep me writing, and perhaps put on the QR page as interludes or AUs. Instead, I demanded that she write with me. So we brainstormed. The main hook of the story was pretty solid in my mind, I was a little fuzzy around the edges, but I knew how it would pan out eventually. With Carla’s input, we have now widened the net to include a fair amount of characters (you can pretty much tell which ones she has claimed, to quote Carla “GOLDIE THE MAN!”).

So we’re writing together, having a blast. You may think we’re going slowly, after all, we’ve only posted five chapters so far. Just so you know, as of 10 July 2005 (as I write this), we’re up to at least chapter 14, with plenty of snippets written for the future as inspiration hits. The problem is, we’re not writing this in a particularly linear fashion (something that’s killing Carla, no doubt, she’s a planner), we have completed the story up to chapter 12, but chapter 6 is missing, and we think the chapters we have written need re-jigging. And the two chapters after chapter 12 may need to be pushed back or moved forwards. So, it’s all pretty confusing. We have the story, we have written it down, now we just need to organise it.

Oh, and coming up with chapter titles sucks.

Take it easy, we’ll keep writing.

10 July 2005