The Bash Brothers


Title: The Bash Brothers

Author: lycanthrope

Rating: Probably R, as it contains sex, drugs, rock and roll, and all that good stuff!

Feedback: If you please.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Elden Henson, the real Fulton Reed, without whose boundless talents this world would be an infinitely more dreary place.

Characters: Adam Banks, Charlie Conway, Dean Portman, Fulton Reed, General Background Ducks

Genres: Angst, Humour, Romance

Pairing(s): Fulton/Portman

Warnings: Drug Use, Homophobia, Slash – gay pairings, Violence – Mild

Status: Complete

Disclaimer: Is this where I’m supposed to say I don’t own the Ducks and have nary a penny to my name, so don’t sue me?

Summary: The first chapter in the adventures of two alienated (and possibly amorous) enforcers.

Notes: My very first fanfiction!

Archived: 28 Oct 2006