Not much done, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. I’m revamping the Awards part of the site, ready for next month. There’s a new banner up since Stepherz has left the fandom and I felt inspired to make one of my own, some new rules are up… *grins* Yay, bring on the angst that masquerades as the Fan Fic Awards.

Updated: Surely you noticed the main page? Pretty, right? And The Fox Declared To The Hound…, Renee-chan’s previously untitled fic has been archived in full now. I still have to html Schiz’s work. I just can’t face it at the moment. I have 10 chapters to go, and it’s so fiddly. So many italic tags and lyrics at the beginning. I will do it when I have more time on my hands. On the Archive page there is a link to her ff.net profile, where you can read all of her works in full. My apologies, Schiz, I just can’t face html-ing again. It took me hours last time!

New: Don’t Let Go by Jetta, On Being Fake by Carla, and D4: Mary Sue Annoys The Ducks by me. Pretty good, huh?