Abnormal Like Me

Adam’s always been a little shy and quiet. The kid just screams ‘repressed gay boy’! Anyway, this is about Adam wanting the one that he can’t have. So, instead of trying to get closer to him, he separates himself. Much angst will obviously follow.

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Rating: R, because it’s slash. Also, it might have violence later on, and a bit of swearing. Depends what I do with it!

Dedication: To Star, because she’s my Star. Awww… how sweet is that? I’d also like to apologize to her that I’m writing yet another fic on the side of the Queertet series. But my muse decided to drop this on my head! Don’t worry Star, you know how the Queertet rules my mind. Oh yes, and think you for this heading once again.

Also, dedication to Stepherz and Joyful!

Disclaimer: Disney owns the Ducks. You know, I might not even return them when I’m finished… I mean, Disney’s not doing anything with them! Any characters not in the Ducks movies, though, are mine.

Notes: Argh, I know, I shouldn’t have taken yet another story under my wing… but I really like this one, and it’s going to be short-ish. Anyway, more stories are better than no stories. Chapters should be from Adam’s POV, if things change I’ll state it. First chapter starts in the last, oh, 3 seconds of the JV-Varsity game.

Archived: 28 Oct 2006