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Wanna know how Taz and Maya got together? Read on.

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Date Started: 24th June 2002

Dedication: Vic. Give me just one reason why not.

Disclaimer: Disney et all owns any Duck references, though I doubt I’ll make any. Taz, aka Purple Girl belongs to me and Maya belongs to Victory Thru Tears, but I think everyone knows that by now! The poem is by Vic (© Ó m. khan 11/21/01). Which is a good thing because Star’s poetry sucks (as Vic well knows).

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Summary: Wanna know how Taz and Maya got together? Read on.

Notes: Set pre-Smoke. The girls are at Eden Hall Middle School, which in the Star ‘n’ Vic-verse is on the same campus but is a separate building. Maya is 14 and Taz is 13—Vic and I have gone through their ages and worked it out. Taz’s birthday is in July (making her the baby of the year) and Maya’s is in November (making her ancient). This is totally irrelevant, but since Vic and I took the time to work it out, you shall read it! This is set in October.

Everything and More: The Tale of Taz and Maya by Star


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