13 Ghosts


Title: 13 Ghosts by Charisma (and one chapter by Star)

Rating: PG-13

Timeline: In their last/second last year of High School. (They’ll all be sixteen or so)

Disclaimer: Don’t own the Ducks. Blah. They belong to Disney. Julia belongs to me. Maya belongs to Victory Thru Tears. Annie and Taz both belong to Star. Q belongs to Cake Eater… actually Q is Cake Eater… They won’t be harmed. *sniggers*

Feedback: Not saying no.

Summary: Ducks go camping… fight about who has had the most scary experience… trade stories…

Warnings: None that I can think of! *grins* You might be scared?

Dedication: Star, Vic, Q for lending me their original characters… or in Q’s case, lending me herself. And to anybody who reads this.

Notes: I just wanted to make it clear that Maya, Taz and Annie are straight in this fic. There is a gay couple, Portman and Fulton, yay! Go Bash Lovers! I read somewhere that in every ten people there is always someone gay. Thirteen kids on the team. You do the math. If you don’t like that… read it anyway, the story isn’t focused on their coupleness. Most of their stories will probably be loosely based on urban legends.

This fic is half co-written with Star: What’s a half co-writer you ask. Somebody who nags you to write more, nags for sneaky peeks, gives you ideas and sometimes guest writes. *nods* Well that’s what Star’s been doing anyway.

Archivist’s Note: I had to guess when this was written, as I didn’t have the notes in my files.

13 Ghosts by Charisma
13 Ghosts by Charisma