Initial thoughts on Game Changers: S01E01 – Game On

Everyone is utterly charming.

The line about it not being the “nineties Ducks” is a bit on the nose.

Good god the goalie reminds me of Goldberg… did they hire his son?

Gordon eats a lot of cake… and it took me longer than it should have for me to get the joke.

The high school is District 5 High School.

Hendrix Hockey Apparel, I see you… did you fire Gordon?

Evan was dressed as Charlie in his maroon Minnesota sweatshirt.

Evan’s pissed-off storm out was shot the same as Charlie’s pissed-off storm out. Also still wearing above sweatshirt, just like Charlie. (A+)

Joss Ackland is still alive, but the character of Hans is dead. I would give my soul if they ask Joss to come in and record some lines that Gordon can “remember” hearing while looking at a picture.

I’ll give my soul and my husband’s if they get him in to film an imagine spot if Gordon needs advice.

I’m super excited for the return of (in order): Averman, Fulton, Adam, Ken, Connie and Guy.

Man, does Bombay love a single mother, or what?

If Charlie isn’t back by the end of season 1, I’m flipping tables.

Also, Nick is probably the child I would have had with Raven, had I wanted children and been good at raising them. Everything out of his mouth is sass but self-awareness.