Initial thoughts on Game Changers: S01E03-05 – Breakaway, Hockey Moms & Cherry Picker

Ok, so I’m well aware that I’ve skipped the past two weeks. Why? Well, I felt the episode three was pure filler. Don’t get me wrong, it was enjoyable, but it felt like a bridging piece between two other things.

Episode four? Back on form. This one felt like it went somewhere. But it lacked something important. Something that Schiz and lycanthrope could pinpoint immediately.

Who’s the guy with the killer slapshot? Fulton Reed.

I know, I know. Episode six. I know. But it would have been nice if they got back old expert ducks to coach in their skill areas. Sure, it would be a bit samey and couldn’t really sustain more than a couple of episodes – and then I’d be a hypocrite because I said ep 3 felt middle-y, and this would be the same thing.

Still. I think every original Duck fan, even those that knew exactly who was returning and when, had hopes of a surprise return.

On the other side, loved the sleepover and getting to know the new characters, and the moms/dads. Koop was particularly adorable.

Episode five? Absolutely loved it. And I’m still stuck on Charlie. If you’ve read the previous entry, or my twitter, or spent three minutes talking to me, you’ll know that my theory is solidly that Charlie is the big bad, the head coach of the Ducks and that’s why Bombay is so burned out on hockey. His surrogate son ruined the sport he loved and tarnished the team name he made.

This ep was all about fatherhood. And maybe I (and several other fans who invested thousands of words into fic) over invested in the father-son dynamic – which personally I find more special, because it’s not blood, and found family is fucking important to me – but when you have wistful Bombay talking about his childhood/father and Charlie isn’t mentioned at all?*

Other observations from that scene: Bombay used to play for the Hawks – and wow, they’ve fallen down in the rankings – no mention of that at all? Ok. Bombay’s comment that “it didn’t matter” represents 30 years of character growth. I mean, this is a dude that went into law and became a competitive alcoholic because he missed that shot, but I’m glad he’s moved past it.

Anyway, back (as always) to Charlie. No mention of him is either bad writing or my theory is leading somewhere.

Much as I want my theory to come true, I don’t hold much hope. And if it doesn’t, I am going to be furious, because this universe doesn’t work without Charlie. And season one will be super weak without his return, because if Bombay is utterly burned out on hockey for non-Charlie reasons, and he starts to get back into it and still doesn’t mention Charlie, then what the fuck, Bombay? Doesn’t Charlie matter any more?

In real life, that would kind of be fine. People move away, they move on, they change, they get different interests. But THIS IS FANDOM, DAMNIT, and you don’t get to quit your hobby and resolve your relationship off screen without pissing off the fans.

I know, Game Changers isn’t just for me. It’s for all the new watchers who don’t give a fuck about the movies.

Still. I’m crossing my fingers and waiting for Charlie.

Also – did anyone else notice Bombay only drank water at the bar? Sure, he was driving, but still, that’s another score for the alcoholic headcannon.

In other news, did Sophie (ex-Duck) just vanish? Ok, then.