The obligatory first fic of almost every Duck fan: New girl at Eden Hall finds it hard to fit in.

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  • Taz had her name changed to Terri, then back again in 2018. There was talk of someone publishing a book using a character of that name, but it never happened.
  • This isn’t really set in any timeline from the film. I guess it’s after D3
  • I’m a Brit, so anything that doesn’t seem right, please point it out to me!
  • CHD exists. If you want to point out any inconsistencies I will laugh at you. I’ve had 21 years of living with it. *grins* (38 year old me would like you to read the below note.)
  • Taz has purple hair. It’s her trademark, without it she’d just be another character to forget about. So we’re just going to have to overlook the fact that she’s in school and probably wouldn’t be allowed purple hair.

I did a quick edit of this in 2015, which is about 15 years after I wrote it, and realised the Unfortunate Implications of it.

The story was never meant to say “Ha, my disability is less impactful than someone else’s disability, lolz”. The moral of the story was the Taz ought to woman up and stop being a reclusive dick, because she’s not a special little snowflake, and if a kid half her age can face difficulty with grace, she ought to be able to as well. My younger self did not have the deftness to pull that off, and my older self wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole (not for a story she wrote years ago and isn’t all that fussed about now). Anyway, I apologise to anyone who read it that way. You’re right to be upset, because I was clumsy in my execution of this story, but I honestly never meant to be offensive.


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