This Too Will Pass


Rating: Teen

Dedication: Carla—this isn’t really a dedication, more of a plea for fic. Get off your ass and type before I live up to my stalky reputation and come all the way to the USA to tie you to the computer. Love ya! Also, thanks to the entire MD list for responding to my questions. You rock.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Mighty Ducks, I wish I did because then I’d be fairly rich, could cheerfully say, “Ah, I knew Josh Jackson before he was famous”, and wouldn’t have to do boring repetitive work. I could write for a living. Celine and Aunt Lydia also belong to me. Not that I really want to own them, but hey!

Genre: Angst

Published: 9 March 2002 | Chapters: 15 | Status: On Hiatus

Summary: The Ducks are back from their Summer break, and Connie’s changed. Bit of a PortmanxJulie romance happening too.

Awards - Summer 2002 - Best Het (1st Place) - This Too Will Pass
Awards – Summer 2002 – Best Het (1st Place) – This Too Will Pass


I know the first part is in present tense and the rest is in past. I couldn’t help it, it didn’t work in past tense. It’s a deliberate mistake. Go with it and forgive me? *pouts adorably*

Flashbacks will be noted by date and will have a line above and below them. Anything else is set now. If it’s confusing, please R&R and I’ll try something else.

I’m trying to get the balance right, I don’t want this fic to be all angst. Let me know if it’s not working.

All the chapter titles are song lyrics or titles since my imagination is severely lacking!