D4: Mary Sue Annoys the Ducks


D4: Mary Sue Annoys the Ducks by Star

Rating: General

Dedication: To all you Mary Sues out there, this is how you should be treated.

Disclaimer: Disney et all owns ‘em and I’ll have ‘em back before they even notice they’re gone! Mary Sue—I can’t claim her for myself, she’s an entity far older than me. She could well be the First Evil, as seen on BtVS.

Summary: I couldn’t sleep, I had a really rotten Mary Sue fic stuck in my head, and the Ducks’ real reactions to everything she bloody did in there too. I have to write this. Basically, Mary Sue comes to Eden Hall and finds out that she’s not perfect, people don’t hang off her every word.

Notes: For some reason I’m going with Sue as her name. Maybe it’s laziness.

Archived: 13 July 2002