Anything But Ordinary


Title: Anything But Ordinary

Author: Star

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: Vic, without you I’d never have seen Taz and Charlie to be such a great combination. She’s all wrong for Fulton, Limpet was wrong! Then again, Taz has really come out of her shell since then!

Feedback: Hit me! Go on! I love it!

Disclaimer: Disney et all still own ‘em. *sigh* Taz, aka Purple Girl belongs to me and Maya belongs to Victory Thru Tears, but I think everyone knows that by now!

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Summary: In Snow, Adam said to Charlie about Taz, “In a parallel universe, she’s your wife.” Wanna take a look at that parallel universe?

Notes: This is sort of set in Victory’s ‘Something Quite Special’ universe. Basically, she wrote an amazing story and I’m plagiarising it. *winks at Vic* Sorry, babe. Essentially, Adam and Maya are dating, Charlie’s still with Linda, but for how long?