Tales From The Shoebox


Rating: PG-13 / K+ / Teen

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Mighty Ducks, I wish I did because then I’d be fairly rich, could cheerfully say, “Ah, I knew Josh Jackson before he was famous”, and wouldn’t have to do boring repetitive work. I could write for a living. Terri (aka Purple Girl), Annie and Aisha belong to me.

Dedications: Charisma, for putting up with my stupid jokes. Vic, for giving me a second chance. Meme for letting me have the purple straight-jacket. Carla, for being ‘All I Wanted’, and everyone on the MightyDucksMovies list for being stars.

Genre: Romance/Humour

Published: 24 May 2003 | Completed: 15 September 2004

Summary: Gabby put forward the idea of Luis/Averman, the idea really appealed, with Luis being my favourite Duck, so here I go.


Yes, once upon a time, Terri McDowell was known by another name. This has been changed for reasons that make sense to Star.

Originally his girlfriend was referred to as Traci Michaels in this story, I now know she’s called Mindy Pinkerton and have updated accordingly.

This fic starts at the beginning of the Ducks’ Senior year.

The Girl, Official stalker of Carla, Tangible Muse and Bod Who Generally Fixes the Mean Nasty Coding That Makes Carla Cry (After Having Broken It In The First Place)

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