Tales From The Shoebox


Rating: PG-13 / K+ / Teen

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Mighty Ducks, I wish I did because then I’d be fairly rich, could cheerfully say, “Ah, I knew Josh Jackson before he was famous”, and wouldn’t have to do boring repetitive work. I could write for a living. Taz (aka Purple Girl), Annie and Aisha belong to me.

Dedications: Charisma, for putting up with my stupid jokes. Vic, for giving me a second chance. Meme for letting me have the purple straight-jacket. Carla, for being ‘All I Wanted’, and everyone on the MightyDucksMovies list for being stars.

Genre: Romance/Humour

Published: 24 May 2003 | Completed: 15 September 2004

Summary: Gabby put forward the idea of Luis/Averman, the idea really appealed, with Luis being my favourite Duck, so here I go.


Yes, once upon a time, Taz McDowell was known by another name. This has been changed for reasons that make sense to Star.

Originally his girlfriend was referred to as Traci Michaels in this story, I now know she’s called Mindy Pinkerton and have updated accordingly.

This fic starts at the beginning of the Ducks’ Senior year.