She Screams In Silence


She Screams in Silence

Genres: Angst

Characters: Maya Hansen, Taz McDonald, OCs: Multiple

Rating: I think it’s going to be R for ‘adult themes’ and language

Series: A separate addition of but related to The Mighty Queertet series

Status: Complete

Summary: In the Queertet series, Maya is sort of overlooked. In Breeze, she gets with an argument with Taz about her ‘heterosexual fling.’ This is the real story behind it. What really happened that summer when Taz and Maya were broken up? This takes place the summer before they meet the Ducks. (Read this after reading Smoke, Snow and Breeze).

Dedication: To Star, of course! Thanks to her for being the greatest writer to ever hit the internet, and being MY co-writer! Oh yeah, and for letting me steal this little header, lol. Also to Saturniia for making the “Maya is a fifth-wheel” comment, it inspired me greatly. And finally to Aqua Lion and Stepherz for just being cool.

Disclaimer: I own everything in this story, except for Taz. She belongs to Star, and I’ll have her back before Star even notices she’s gone. Also, I don’t own Star Wars or anything else like that, if I mention them.

Notes: If you haven’t read “Smoke”, “Snow” and even the first bit of “Breeze” this won’t make sense. Well, it will, but it won’t be as interesting.

Archived: 28 Oct 2006