Initial thoughts on Game Changers: S01E08 – Change on the Fly

This was a much better episode than last week’s. This episode got a lot more done.

Logan got his moment in the spotlight, and that boy is the new Adam Banks, isn’t he? Oh, the woobification that he will endure. But who to ship him with? Nick? *shrugs* I have no idea. That’s for new fandom to figure out.

Nick continues to be a joy, and I’m so glad that he’s didn’t lash out at Logan – and even admitted that he was being an ass to him while Logan was being sweet. All the way through I was terrified he would act like D3 Charlie (do something horrible, but the win at the final game makes it ok, no need to apologise – yep, #StillBitter).

Anyway, my headcannon is that Logan went home and had dinner with Nick and his moms. And then his moms befriend his dad, and they all support each other in a very healthy way that helps Logan feel more secure. Because you know for certain the show won’t loop back to it. Which I find a bit frustrating.


Actually, I wish the episodes would all dump at the same time so I could binge them and see the full story at once – and I totally would. I’d book a day off work and have a Ducks day. Also, can we go up to 45 minutes instead of 30 please? The episodes feel so short. (I have that same complaint with Cobra Kai, except they dump the entire series at once.)

So, the law firm Alex works for is Ducksworth – I read it carefully, it’s only Ducksworth. I guess Saver & Gross were told to fuck off. Or maybe they retired and Ducksworth immediately removed their names and, presumably his child(ren) or other surname-sharing relative(s) took over when he retired?

Actually, that might be an American thing, I’ll have to ask Carla about it. Over here the name tends to stay, no matter how many partners leave. In my previous firm, the named partners had been gone over five decades – can’t remember if it was 50 years since their retirement or death, but they were super gone, but we held on to the name for brand recognition. I know in Suits the firm name changes every four episodes (fuck brand recognition – let’s just confuse the clients and endlessly file paperwork to change the name – sorry, that’s always bothered me).

Also, I think that kind of makes no sense. I assumed that sooner or later the law firm Alex worked for would have a meeting with Ducksworth, Saver & Gross as a nod to the past, but no, it’s the same firm. WHY HAS NOBODY ACKNOWLEDGED THIS BEFORE? You’d have thought that the firm would be absolutely crowing that they were the original sponsors of the Ducks. Stephanie would be all over that shit. Either she got a job there because her kid loves the Ducks, or her kid loves the Ducks because she works for Ducksworth. Either way, she’d be on it.

And therefore, everyone should know that Bombay worked there and had a very promising future before the events of D1. And you’d have thought it might have come up in conversation between Bombay and Alex.

Basically, what should’ve been a nod is a gaping plot hole to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this show. I think my problem is that I’ve been in this fandom for so damned long. This site is twenty years old. And, forgive my ego, but I was kind of a big name in this fandom for awhile. I saw someone using the word “ChAdam” on YouTube – a phrase I coined. When I started writing Ducks fics, I was massively unhappy in my real life, and this fandom validated me in a way I’d literally never had before. I will always love this fandom. But that means I’m over-invested, and I should let it go a bit.

Maybe if I was as addicted to Karate Kid as I was to Ducks, Cobra Kai would have some glaring plot holes or irritating choices.

Well, that was a lot of bitching for an episode I liked a lot. I’m sorry. I just want more and this drip-feeding of episodes is irritating me.

But the good was definitely there. Love seeing the teams from the D1 movie – and them being in their old colours, except the Hawks, because now they’re a joke, they don’t get an intimidating uniform in black! The nod back to Ducksworth was cute (even if it rankled), and the fact they had to beat the Huskies to make it to states was not lost on me.

I’m not really going to touch on Alex’s current situation. You’re not an underdog coach until you do something stupid and your team walks out on you. Same as Evan being captain. Sorry Morrows, you’re just going to have to work through it like Charlie and Bombay had to. It’ll be fine eventually.