Initial thoughts on Game Changers: S01E09-10 – Head Games & State of Play

I missed off last week’s episode. Let’s just say I was weeping under my desk following yet another unhealthy interaction at work and leave it at that.

So, let’s quickly breeze through nine. As someone who has absolutely loved Stephanie every step of the way, seeing the softer side of her was amazing – especially which her occasional biting asides, like the reference to her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s fast car. I loved them racing chairs and raiding the yummies in the office.

Some people are irredeemably evil, but most people just need a best friend. Stephanie is definitely the latter, and I really hope that going forward there will be a softening between her and Alex. More of a friendly rivalry than the “it’s all fun (but not really)” vibe they have.

The finale

We have been shouting about Sofi’s knee for weeks now. So, good foreshadowing – I mean, it was mentioned in episode one, so we knew this was going to happen.

I actually thought they’d pull MJ off commentary and leave her terrified dad podcasting while she sat on the bench or had a token two minutes on the ice.

Koop’s family showing up kicked me in the feels – I want to know why they haven’t been before though, although I feel like we won’t ever find out, he wanted them there, they showed up, story over. At least we got to hear him sing again. Can this happen at least once a season, please? That kid can sing.

Challenging the Ducks for the name was awesome, and of course immediately spoiled the end of the season, because obviously the Don’t Bothers are going to get that name back.

The choice of green jerseys is a lovely nod back to the original movie, and a clever way to sidestep the fact that Disney don’t own the D2/D3 logo anymore, and I’m here for it. The green jerseys were the local Ducks, peewee hockey; the white ones were international. And Eden Hall, but just ignore D3, ok?

Evan in Charlie’s jersey and Nick in Averman’s was exactly right. I kept losing who had Adam’s – was it Sofi? I guess she is the best player on the team, so that makes sense. I think Logan would have made more sense to have Dwayne’s, but since he didn’t return and Ken did, that’s sensible.

Of course, it begs the question, when did Charlie leave his jersey? We know when the reunion ducks left theirs, but I spotted Gaffney on the ice too. Did Julie fly in from Maine a few years ago and just drop it off?

Maybe Gordon just hoards them?

I know, I seem obsessed with Charlie. Just to clarify, it’s all about the story for me. The Gordon/Charlie dynamic was always interesting to me. My stepdad was an alcoholic, so I guess that generated a bit of “I feel this” to me.

It was a great episode, and I really enjoyed it, but does anyone else feel that without We Are the Champions, it doesn’t feel like such an epic win?

As a side note, has anyone watched the movies on Disney+? It is so fucking weird with all the music removed. Definitely sticking to my DVDs for the full experience.

And finally, I’m glad that Stephanie got to confirm her face turn – we all knew how it was going to end, because look at the show’s title – but having Coach T back out and Stephanie slap him down was very satisfying. Stephanie, if you’re not in season 2, I riot.