I updated the content on 4th August 2003, but uploaded on 10th August

Due to problems obtaining the name Queertet.com, this will be put on hold for a month. You’ll have to use the long url until Sept 1st or there abouts. Sorry.

Bloody huge update to the site. Fantastically huge. And cannot be posted yet because of server issues – if you think I’m going to post this to Starlight-Tales for a couple of days, then take it down and upload it somewhere else, you’re crazy.

New: Fic by Schiz: Unforgiven, Might As Well, Combat Boots and Clover, Tricking and Treating, Missed Chances and Loneliness

Fic by Carla: On Being Real

Fan Art by Schiz, pixel dolls of the Bashes and Averman *quivers*. Find it on the Fan Art page. Also on that page you’ll find a load of fangirl buttons by me for you to put on your site/livejournal/whatever.

Speaking of Live Journal, I’ve got an account that I’m using for Fan Fic Recommendations (ducksficrecs on LJ or recs and wrecks). I’ve done two recs so far, and Charisma has offered to write a rec, I’m going to be reviewing a fic of Dana’s – must quickly have a re-read though. If you want me (or anyone else) to review your fic, just drop me a line. Warning: If you’re writing a big Mary Sue, don’t expect me to be nice.

There are several fics right now that are getting up my nose severely for the unrepentant Mary Sues in them.