I hate starting new updates pages, it always looks as if we’ve done sweet FA to update, when really we’ve been working hard. Right, so what’s new?

I’ve changed the banners for Snow and Breeze because I hated the originals I made. They were boring and ugly. I have several problems making them, first off, do you realise that it’s impossibly to find pics of the Ducks out of their uniforms? And secondly, are there any pictures where the Bash Brothers don’t look mightily pissed off? If you have some, please email them to me (via the contact me page), I’d be eternally grateful and would give you full credit.

I’ve uploaded chapters 19-26 of Breeze, so yay for us!

I’ve also added a Luis angst piece called Misconception.

Vic and I have been working our asses off, but unfortunately, we’re working on something that we can’t post as we write, it needs to be finished and sorted out before it can be uploaded to here and ff.net.

We’ve also thrown around some ideas for Sun, the follow up to Breeze. We’ve dreamed up a plot, some characters and basically worked out where we went wrong with Breeze and we’re making sure we won’t make the same mistakes.


I have updated: Breeze with one chapter, Vic’s She Screams In Silence with one chapter, but the next one should be out soon, my Misconception with one chapter and a banner. I’ve also html-ed all fifteen chapters of This Too Will Pass and made a tolerable banner for it!

What else? Well, Vic’s working on the subtext page and that should be up soon. I noticed that the new banner for Breeze wasn’t showing up, so have fought with that and finally won.

We’re also running fan fiction awards, well, not just Vick and I, but Steph too. You have to join our mailing list to be able to nominate and vote (just put your email addy in the box on the home page). Hurry up, time is running out, nominations must be in by Monday May 20th.